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last updated: February 19, 2004

I'm so thrilled that I actually have my own Web page, especially since it has to do with my favorite obsession: JUGGLING!

Click one of the links below or simply scroll down to view everything:

My Juggling History Back to Top

Click here for my full juggling History. Below are just some of the highlights:

Essays Back to Top

Here is where I will share some of my thoughts on juggling. I've started many essays but they're not all ready yet. Check again soon for new titles.

Jerusalem Juggling Club Back to Top

I'm a proud member of the Jerusalem Jugglers, the best juggling club in the Middle East!

Some of the activities I have been working on on behalf of the Jerusalem Jugglers are:

Juggling Performances Back to Top

I perform at all sorts of parties (Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Purim, etc.). I do shows with a variety of styles based on the venue; they vary between choreographed technical routines to music and spoken routines with comedy and visual stunts. The technical routines have showcased up to 8 balls, 5 torches, 5 clubs, 2 diabolos, and 7 club passing back-to-back with a partner. I also have high-tech glowing equipment that provide nice special effects to my shows. The comedy routine I do includes stunts with eggs, apples, watermelons, kazoos, magic, and audience participation.

I have a ton of experience from performing for 6 years in an ancient Roman-themed restaurant for a total of about 200 shows per year. My show there included from three to five balls (if jugglers are present, up to seven), apples and an onion, three (and sometimes four) torches (see photo, below), a kazoo, and a watermelon.

Juggling Goals/Achievments Back to Top

I have a number of juggling goals for the year that you probably aren't interested in. But if you are, click here. You can also visit my 1996 goals page or my 1995 goals page. Without having to click, though, I will tell you here that I've successfully worked with nine balls. Here's a list of the elite few jugglers who are known to juggle nine.

As a compulsive list keeper, I've made a page of tricks I can do with 5 clubs. Fortunately this page is being updated more frequently than the goals page.

I wrote my goals page at the beginning of the year but I often work on other tricks as my interests change. Here are the tricks I'm currently working on (as of Feb 1, 2002):

Click here to see what I had been working on at other times.

Juggling Equipment Back to Top

Now you're probably wondering how I came to be such an amazing juggler. Aside from practicing tirelessly for the past few years, I would like to take this opportunity to plug Beard Juggling Equipment. I'm a huge fan of their DX balls and their Radical Fish clubs which I have at least a dozen of. Their products are very comfortable and entirely catchable. I couldn't be happier with my props.

The balls I use for all numbers are made by my friend Charlie. I also have 9 silicone balls, and a couple Mr. Babache diabolos and a couple Renegade diabolos (with diabo-glo glow-tubes). In addition, I have some beautiful Aerotech strobe Glo-balls and a Dube knife.

I'm also pretty decent with a yo-yo - as a matter of fact, many people have told me that my yo-yo is more interesting to watch than my juggling. I originally used Hummingbird, but also have a No-Jive 3-in-1 Mandala and a great Henry's Viper which puts all other yo-yos to shame. I use the Terminator Technics for fixed-axle work, including a bit of 2-handed. I have an assortment of other yo-yos that I don't really use much like: Silver Bullet, Da Bomb, Tigersnake, and others.

I buy most of my props from Butterfingers in Bristol, UK.

I also have a nice reference library of juggling books/magazines/videos. I'm so compulsive that I've added indexes to many of the videos in my collection: 1996 IJA Highlights, 1997 IJA Championships, 1997 IJA Highlights, 1998 IJA Highlights, 1994 Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival, 1995 Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival, 1996 Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival, Anthony Gatto: To Be the Best, Nordic Juggling Convention, 1998, Diabolo Follies, Part 1, Diabolo Follies, Part 2.

Online Juggling Videos Back to Top

As you can see from my extensive video collection, I find videos to be an inspiration to my juggling. Luckily, many jugglers on the Internet have livened up their pages with videos for the world to enjoy for only the price of download time.

For the benefit of the juggling world, I've spent countless hours making a page listing all of the online juggling videos I could find. I have given each video a description, rating, and provided other relevant information. It's been a rather enjoyable project and it seems that jugglers find it a valuable resource. Since I moved it to the Interactive Juggling Database it's been the most popular section of that site.

Juggling Videos and Pictures Back to Top

Juggling Videos (Thanks to Ari Bilauer, Isaac Orr, and Yaakov Goodman for videoing and digitizing these for me!)
3 balls: a silly trick I invented. Kinda new (MPEG, 311KB)
3 balls: backcrosses caught behind the back New! (MPEG, 231 KB)
3 balls: My first original trick I came up with back in 1995. New! (MPEG, 221KB)
3 balls: 3 Ball Open Routine, Israeli Convention 2002 - this isn't a performance, just a series of original tricks. Kinda new (AVI, 18.1MB)
5 balls: 645 New! (MPEG, 1.29 MB)
5 balls: cascade with occasional force bounce New! (MPEG, 415 KB)
5 balls: triplex behind the back throw to shower New! (MPEG, 324 KB)
5 balls: fun multiplexes - I always rethrow the low one before I catch the second. New! (MPEG, 545 KB)
5 balls: A nice long siteswap: 645555663555666255666615666660666615666255663555 - notice the stage ball never changes from it's up and down path. Kinda new (MPEG, 374KB)
5 balls: footwork New! (MPEG, 348 KB)
5 balls: blind kick New! (MPEG, 244 KB)
5 balls: cross leg kick New! (MPEG, 176 KB)
5 balls: Kicking up from 0 to 6 balls Kinda new (AVI, 1.02MB)
7 balls: split multiplex Kinda new (MPEG, 362KB)
9 balls: New improved 9 Ball Flash Kinda new (AVI, 374KB)
3 clubs: knee bumps New! (MPEG, 217 KB)
3 clubs: shoulder roll New! (MPEG, 277 KB)
3 clubs: upside-down catch to shoulder throw New! (MPEG, 324 KB)
3 clubs: shoulder throws caught behind back New! (MPEG, 411 KB)
3 clubs: behind back and shoulder throws on both sides New! (MPEG, 313 KB)
4 clubs: behind the back catch New! (MPEG, 486 KB)
7 clubs: 12 throws of 7 clubs - that's only 5 catches (MPEG, .98MB)
Passing: 6 club passing routine (MPEG, 3.2MB) - with Raphael Harris
Passing: 7 club passing into 5 club solo (MPEG, 1MB) - with Raphael Harris
Cute: My daughter juggling at age 2 Adorable (MPEG, 2.3MB)
Juggling Pictures
Attempt of 7 clubs during 1998 Israeli Juggling Convention:

7 clubs

5 clubs during Israeli army basic training:

5 clubs

7 balls at sunset in Florida:

7 balls

Torches in a toga:

torches in a toga

Here's a whole page of me doing Flying trapeze - I still can't believe I did it!

Juggling Database Back to Top

This section used to be about the Juggling Information Service (JIS) which for many years was the most important juggling site around. Unfortunately, it wasn't maintained, and although an excellent resource for a lot of things (articles, tutorials, history, etc.), much of the content is no longer relevant. Once I even indexed the whole thing.

Many jugglers complained and complained about the JIS but for a long time nobody did anything about it. For years I thought about making some sort of interactive juggling database but I didn't have the time or skills to do it properly. A couple years ago I met Colin E. on ICQ and we came up with some concepts and he converted my online juggling videos page to what soon became the Interactive Juggling Database. It has grown a lot and quickly become the best juggling site on the Internet. The IJDb also includes up-to-date juggling club listings, juggling festivals, lists of juggling vendors, excellent articles, rec.juggling news and archive, a members section, chat, and more. Check it out and even contribute something yourself!

Juggling Links Back to Top

Here are some of the juggling sites I've made: Here are some of the most important juggling sites on the Internet: Here are some nice personal homepages of jugglers: Here are some other recommended juggling links: Here are some beautiful and inspirational juggling photos I've come across: Yo-yo Links: Non-Juggling Links:

There are lots of ways to contact me:  Back to Top

Snail Mail Scott Seltzer
Moshav Tarum #24
D.N. Shimshon 99730
Telephone 972-2-9995610
Mobile Phone 067-845999
Fax (at work) 972-2-9994456
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