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1:00 opening montage: Indian hoop dancer, Bramson Hoops, Vince Bruce: Uni rope spinning, dropping clubs down stairs, 5 ball double bounce, bounce passing, kendama, passing off wall, Albert Lucas 7 clubs, Bob Nickerson 4 basketballs, David Deeble 2 hats, 7 ball endurance, bowling ball hurdles, Scott Sorenson tennis balls and can, Genocide, bits of competitions, etc.
4:26 Ngaio
5:06 Mark Faje - balance beer on ball on mouthstick
6:12 Jon Held Dancers: 3 diabolists, 2 spinning ballers, 8 club jugglers
11:33 Rick Friscia 3 ball routine
12:35 Mike Price: 3 club routine
13:53 Casey Boehmer: entire routine
18:00 Bob Bramson: 3 hoops, hoop on string, 4 hoops with wife, 4 hoops solo, 5 hoops to balance with shoulder throws, 5 hoop backcrosses, 7 hoop juggling, 4 hoop juggling, 4 hoop half-shower through balanced hoop, reverse spin rolling across stage, spinning and ball bounce and juggling 4, rolling into pen, speech
23:50 Albert Lucas: 4 racket shoulder throws and shower, 7 clubs, 10 balls, 5 ring color-change, 6 rings, 8 rings, 3 club alberts and treblas, 7 rings (very long run), 3 club routine, 3 torch routine
28:30 Numbers: club line, ring passing, ring solo, club solo, 9 balls, Albert Lucas: 20 catches of 10 rings, ball bouncing, ball passing, club passing, bounce passing, club line, ring solo
32:05 Joggling: including yo-yo, bowling ball hurdles
34:30 Games: 3 ball open, 4 ball open, open open, balance simon says, 3 ball simon says, club gathering
37:24 Masahiro: Kendama
39:36 Iman 4 & 5 globalls
41:10 Auction
42:10 Tripp and Fall: 3 club takeaways
43:37 The Dew Drop Jugglers: Entire Routine
49:45 Vince Bruce: 1 huge lasso, 1 lasso, 2 whips, 2 lassos
57:19 Bill Giduz: People's Choice Award for Dr. Stardust - orbitals routine
102:10 Founders Award: Bob Nickerson - hula hoop juggling & balancing & juggling
106:10 Brian Patz: cigar boxes
107:23 Jay Gilligan: ring and cane
109:00 Greg Kennedy: entire routine
1:16:14: Renegade - passing fakes, 1 ball fakes, 2 ball son foot, rackets and balls
1:20 Dale Myrberg: Yo-yo: 2-handed, 1-handed
1:22:11 Dick and Noelle Franco: 4 ball routine, diabolo, ping pong balls
1:25:50 Peter Davison: drum rebound
1:27:00 Dan Bennett: bowling ball routine
1:29:05 David Deeble: marshmallow on hanger
1:31:16 Misc: torch swinging, workshops, big toss up, 2 diabolos, 7 ball endurance, 5 ring pancakes, plunger & ball & knife, 5 volleyballs, bouncing off wall, passing, 7 ball bounce to face catch, yo-yo with tongue piercing, Japanese manipulations and top spinning, kick up baseball cap to nose balance
1:34:16 Credits and voice-over of heckling workshop

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