Andrew Conway's Home Page

Established May 1994

Andrew's Video Page

Learn how to make a whip, listen to the Ballad of Turkeyfest, or play spot-the-juggler in the Alex Clayton Story.

The ConwayCam

I'm experimenting with a webcam, though it isn't running very often. I do turn it on for our annual Turkeyfest celebration, which is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Here are some color glossy photos with a paragraph on each one explaining what each one is, which as we all know is a Thanksgiving tradition.

Andrew's fifteen minutes of fame

My home page was written up in CMJ New Music Monthly. Here's what Liz Clayton had to say about me.

It says on my business card Computer Wizard and Juggler

Here's my resumé. This has the Computer Wizard stuff.

 So this must be about being a Juggler. That's where most of the interesting stuff on the page is.

 You can send e-mail to me at

Here are some other pages I designed:

Some Pictures

Mug shot

 Here is a mug shot of my face. As one visitor to my page commented, "Why did you pick such an unflattering photogtraph?"


 Here is a family photo which includes my wife Paula McShane and my kids, Dan and Ian. This was taken a couple of years ago at our property up in Mendocino County.

Conways at Tahoe

 This is a more recent family photo taken at Lake Tahoe, in December 1995.

Click here to see pictures of a camping trip I took with some old friends in Summer 1995. The pictures aren't out of focus, the people were.

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If you have a desperate urge to talk to me

H: (415) 333 7576
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