CMJ New Music Monthly on My Home Page

Liz Clayton, in the Mixed Media/Multimedia section of CMJ New Music Monthly Number 35 (July 1996) wrote the following about my home page. Thanks Liz!

Andrew Conway: Juggler

One of the most wonderful things about the personal web page glut is that it offers us the voyeuristic pleasure of rooting through a stranger's life from the privacy of our own homes, schools, or offices. Andrew Conway not only juggles, but he has a wife and two children and programs for Bank of America. But back to the juggling thing. Andrew's page is an excellent back door into a small, yet thriving, online juggling community. It has links to the Juggling Information Society, the Juggling Hall of Fame, selected posts from rec.juggling (apparently, they like to fool the new people in the newsgroup by pretending to swap complicated tricks using a secret numerical notation, and are constantly asking each other things like "Anyone else manage 554418102?"), and a comprehensive (if not actually very good) guide to heckler retorts. Andrew writes well, and has some good juggling fiction (!) on his page, as well as a true story of trying to teach people to juggle in a maximum security prison. Andrew's page also features photos of a camping trip with friends in Indiana (he's the bearded one in the flowered pants, orange tunic, and red baseball hat, holding a beer).

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