My Résumé

I am a contract programmer. I am on contract at Bank of America, and expect to be available by November 1st

Here is my résumé.


289 Surrey St., San Francisco, CA 94131-2930
(415) 333 7576


20 years experience in data processing. Management, project management, systems administration, design, programming and testing. Systems, scientific, application and real time programming on mainframes, micros and embedded systems.

Computer Languages - Microsoft C, Visual Basic, HTML, Turbo Pascal, FORTRAN, PL/1, SAS, Assembler (370, 80x86, Z80 and 8051), 123 Macros, Lotus Script, dBASE, Paradox, Lingo, Hypercard etc.

Environments - Excel, Lotus Notes, Notes Domino Server, Windows (from 1.0 to NT 4.0), OS/2 Presentation Manager, MS/DOS BIOS, Token Ring, Novell, NT Server, LAN Manager, PC LAN Program, LANtastic, Macintosh, Macromedia Director, MVS/TSO, VM/CMS, Yourdon/DeMarco Structured Analysis.


Consultant (12/91 - Present) San Francisco, CA.

System Administration - Roll out of NT 4.0 client and workstation for Bank America's Private Bank. The roll out involved hundreds of work stations at dozens of locations. My responsibilities included workstation setup and troubleshooting, software packaging and certification, Notes database development and user support. (8 months).

Worked on Bank America's PC LAN Technologies team supporting NT 4.0 server and workstation platform. Responsibilities included certifying software and packaging it for distribution using CA-Unicenter Software Delivery, maintaining Notes Domino server and developing Notes databases for documentation and problem tracking. (11 months).

Project Management - Worked on management, design, development and testing of financial spreading and forecasting system to be used by 3,000 people in Bank America's Credit and Corporate Finance areas. (36 months).

Worked on project management team for merger of Bank America and Security Pacific in the Financial Engineering and Risk Management area of the wholesale bank. (3 months).

Lotus Notes - Project management, design and administration for roll out of Lotus Notes to 1,300 users at twelve locations for US Division of Bank America. Responsibilities included working with vendor to develop end user training, negotiating contracts, designing replication infrastructure, server configuration and setup and all aspects of Notes administration. Managed conversion to version 3.0. (14 months).

Notes database design and development for a variety or purposed including project management, contact tracking, bug tracking and management information systems (8 months).

Multimedia Development - Developed Lingo scripts for Macromedia Director training package for Media in Motion (6 months part time).

Dahlgren Control Systems (2/90 - 2/92) South San Francisco, CA.

Consultant (2/90 -2/91) and later Software Manager (2/91 - 2/92). Managed the software development for this vendor of software and hardware engraving products.

Engraving Machine Control - Developed and supported software for real time engraving machine. The user interface is written in Microsoft C and the embedded systems controlling the engraving table are written in Z80, 8051 and 80x86 assembler, and Microsoft C. Assisted hardware engineers in debugging new AT bus board using logic analyzer and remote debugger. Designed algorithms for curve tracing and font scaling.

Management - Managed a small team doing software development and technical writing. Introduced software version control, formal bug tracking and accurate estimates!

Bank of America Capital Markets Research and Development (12/85 to 1/90)

Product Development Officer (Research Specialist). Project leader of team responsible for analytic computer based products supporting Bank America's Capital Markets activities, including interest rate swaps, caps, foreign exchange options, zero coupon bonds and loan pricing.

Systems Development - In Turbo Pascal designed, coded and led development of a real time trader decision support system which manages a portfolio of interest rate swaps, caps, future rate agreements and futures in multiple currencies. The system performs pricing, hedging, portfolio management, reporting, back office and accounting functions. It runs in real time on a token ring local area network of PCs. SQL server was used for a historical rate database. In Actor and Microsoft Windows developed a foreign exchange option pricing calculator.

Systems Support - Responsible for selection and configuration of hardware and software for Risk Management Products.

Financial Analysis and Research - Developed pricing and hedging algorithms interest rate swaps and caps. In SAS and FORTRAN designed and ran computer simulations of swap trading. Worked with traders and economists to develop portfolio management and techniques and trading strategies. Analyzed impact of convexity on swap portfolio. Investigated using a C program the impact of differential volatility changes on portfolio of foreign exchange options. Designed generalized multicurrency yield curve calculation algorithm.

Consultant (3/84 - 12/85) San Francisco, CA.

Option Pricing - In FORTRAN, C and SAS Developed interest rate option pricing models and computer simulations for Bank America. (12 Months)

Telecommunications - In C under CTOS Developed microcomputer communications package for Genstar. (4 Months)

Statistics and Economic Modeling - In SAS and PL/1 Developed and maintained statistical programs and economic models for PG&E. (4 Months)

Amdahl Corp. (1/82 - 3/84) Sunnyvale, CA.

Systems Programmer. Did capacity planning, performance, tuning and disk storage management. Using Assembler, SAS and PL/1 wrote and maintained programs reporting on system utilization and performance, and supported users with dataset or performance problems. Gave presentations on VSAM and DASD tuning at local and national DMS User group meetings.

Northern Trust Co. (2/79 - 1/82) Chicago, IL.

Associate Systems Engineer. Work included Yourdon/DeMarco structured analysis, design and PL/1 programming, and installation and configuration of ACF2 security package.

Lucas Industries (10/77 - 12/78) Birmingham, England.

Trainee Systems Analyst. Analyzed and programmed business systems including inventory and parts control.


St. John's College, Cambridge University - England. (1973-76) BA in Mathematics. (1979) MA in Mathematics.

Biographical Data - Born Feb 1955, Bloxwich, England. Married Jan 1987. US Citizenship, January 1989.

Hobbies - Juggling, sailing, gardening, camping, reading, computers...

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