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Video Formats

These MPEG videos may be viewed directly with graphical browsers like Mosaic or Netscape, or downloaded by text browsers for viewing by an MPEG player. Either way, they may take several minutes to retrieve, and several more to play. Information about the MPEG format and its viewers may be found at the MPEG Archive and the MPEG Software Simulation Group. Recommended MPEG players are:

mpeg_play, xanim, or mpeg2play

Great Jugglers of the Past
Here are several classic old films of some of the greatest jugglers of the past, including Enrico Rastelli, Bobby May, and Francis Brunn.

Performances in the Modern Era
Brief segments of some great modern juggling performances, including Anthony Gatto and Albert Lucas.

Educational Demonstrations
Here are several videos that demonstrate various juggling patterns and tricks, from 3 balls and Mills Mess to a 5 ball cascade.

British Juggling Conventions
Several video clips of happenings at recent British juggling conventions.

IJA Championships
Selected segments from medal winning acts at the 1995 IJA Championships in Las Vegas, including Francoise Rochais.

Computer Generated Animations
This is a collection of juggling related computer generated animations.

Old Flick and Grasp Animations
Brief animations in outdated animation formats.

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