1995 IJA Championships

For those with a suitable MPEG player, there is a synchronized audio track (wav file) that may be downloaded and played with each video.

Francoise Rochais, 6 batons, 877179 bytes, 630 frames, 160x120.
synchronized audio track, 385920 bytes
Francoise Rochais winning the gold medal in the 1995 IJA Seniors Championship, finishing her beautiful and nearly flawless act with this run of 6 batons.

There are 6 versions of this video available, in varying sizes and frame rates. The larger files generally look better, but take longer to download, and can only be played on fast processors or with an MPEG board. Please let us know, via jis@juggling.org, which of these is best for you. Note that the same audio track will work with each of these.

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