Educational Demonstrations

Bruce Tiemann, 11 ball flash, 2469911 bytes, 300 frames, 272x464.
Boppo,, demonstrates a clean 11 ball flash with bean bags.

Rick Rubenstein, Rubenstein's Revenge, 375553 bytes, 359 frames, 160x120.
Rick Rubenstein, of Clockwork, demonstrates the definitive Rubenstein's Revenge.

Nathan Hoover, 5 balls, 428755 bytes, 68 frames, 160x120.
Nathan Hoover demonstrates a 5 ball cascade with stage balls, and explains how this MPEG was produced.

Nathan Hoover, 3 clubs Mills Mess, 639208 bytes, 100 frames, 160x120.
Nathan Hoover demonstrates the Mills Mess with 3 clubs.

Jay Glicksman juggling 3 balls, 138300 bytes, 165 frames, 144x112.
This is a short video clip of Jay Glicksman ( juggling 3 balls.

Rob Stone 3 ball demos

Mills Mess, 351978 bytes, 56 frames, 156x140.
Burke's Barrage, 391778 bytes, 49 frames, 162x146.
Rubenstein's Revenge, 379326 bytes, 51 frames, 162x146.
Boston Mess, 244193 bytes, 41 frames, 167x144.
Windmill (aka False Shower), 250232 bytes, 64 frames, 174x138.
Rob Stone demonstrates several 3 ball tricks in short tapes he made of himself in June and October, 1994. Rob says, "I used Spotlight Large beanbags, 180 grams, which didn't make the tricks any easier. I need some excuse."

Miscellaneous Videos

This doesn't really belong here, or anywhere else, but it was too amusing to leave out.

Unicycle bungee jump, 824267 bytes, 175 frames, 160x120.
Yes, some silly person in New Zealand rode his unicycle off a ramp from a bridge, and continued peddling throughout his ride.

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