Performances in the Modern Era

Anthony Gatto, 8 rings, 479631 bytes, 279 frames, 160x120.
After winning the U.S. Nationals the night before at age 13, Anthony Gatto closed the 1986 IJA public show with an incredible display of technical juggling. His entire routine was executed perfectly, and consisted entirely of the most difficult tricks anyone could hope to see, including this run of 16 throws and catches with 8 rings. These performances were also notable as the first times Anthony ever performed in long pants.

Anthony Gatto, 5 clubs, 1183970 bytes, 599 frames, 160x120.
Anthony Gatto finished his public show performance with this 5 club routine, including a kick-up start with a balance, kneeling, throws under each leg, 6 throws behind the back with each hand, 14 backcrosses, two 3-high half-pirouettes, and a 5-high full pirouette. It is safe to say that this was the most technically difficult 5 club routine ever performed by any juggler, and was done in front of an audience of 2500 jugglers and fans, flawlessly, at the age of 13.

Albert Lucas, 3 clubs, 837273 bytes, 407 frames, 160x120.
Albert Lucas closed his winning U.S. Nationals competition performance with an excellent 3 club routine. This is the last half of it, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 19, 1984.

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