JuggleAnim Java Juggling Animator

by Jack Boyce

Latest applet release: 1.2 (9/27/97)

Page was last modified on 9/27/97

(If you are not on my web site and are looking for updates, my JuggleAnim page is here.)

JuggleAnim is my Java applet for animating juggling patterns. My goal is to create a system which you can use to communicate patterns to others, as well as invent new ones on your own. You need to have a Java-capable web browser to use JuggleAnim, or at least have access to an applet viewer.

Select one of these choices to get started. (Note: Please be patient as these pages are loading -- it can take a few minutes for a browser to fully load this applet. Why do you think they call it the World Wide Wait?)

  • Browse through the JuggleMaster pattern library.

  • A siteswap pattern generator with an animator attached. Use this page to get the same thing, but with popup animation windows (run several at once).

  • Just a siteswap generator (no animation).

  • Some bounce juggling patterns. Anyone care to add some?

  • Siteswap patterns from my Lodi 1997 workshop.

  • A simple animator with pattern input box.

  • Slow net connection? Or maybe you want to see the source code? Download these pages to your local system and browse them there. Also, feel free to include the applet code in your own web page if you'd like. For more information consult my documentation page.

    Future Work

    What is really required to make this animator as flexible as I would like is a low-level juggling description language. I am envisioning something text-based, and flexible enough to describe different types of hand movements and throw types, as well as passing patterns. Any more work I put into JuggleAnim will probably be in this direction. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated via email.

    Beyond that, there are several things I'd like to add: Viewing controls on the animator (camera position/distance), the ability to switch between patterns, a graphical hand movement editor, and so on. The focus is an making JuggleAnim flexible enough to handle a wide variety of patterns, and simple to use for finding new ones.

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