JuggleAnim Revision Notes

Release 1.2 (9/27/97)

Many changes. The applet now centers around a PatternViewer panel which is used to browse patterns for editing or animating directly. A siteswap generator is also included. For detailed information see the JuggleAnim Documentation.

Release 1.1 (6/23/96)

Fixes all known bugs in 1.0 and adds support for bounce juggling (lift and forced). The hands occasionally look odd when bouncing, forced bouncing in particular.

The mat_HR parameter is now handled differently, overriding tps instead of g. This gives more physically-realistic timing.

Release 1.0 (6/8/96)

The initial release of the applet. Release 1.0 contains some problems, including some errors in the way 0 throws are dealt with, an occasional MediaTracker-related bug when the user defines a ball image to load, and an error in the way the applet is repainted before the animation starts.