JuggleAnim Page Changes


Many changes to reflect release 1.2.


The pattern HTML files were made compatible with Cyberdog and Internet Explorer (I was inadvertently using some Netscape-specific HTML). They were also changed so that the patterns no longer require a mouse click to start.


The Java class files were zipped together, for faster loading. This takes advantage of a new feature in Netscape Navigator 3.0b6. Older browsers will still work properly, although loading is slower.


More patterns from JuggleMaster were added.


Included a few bounce-juggling patterns to support the new feature, and updated the documentation file.


Many patterns from JuggleMaster were added.


Many more patterns were linked in. Also a link was added to Joe Steger's CGI script for controlling the applet. Some mistakes in the documentation file were fixed; in particular, the balldiam parameter is not ignored but is used by the applet when creating a ball image.