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Juggle Anim, V1.2
An excellent site-swap animator, written in Java by Jack Boyce, Comes with an extensive gallery of preprogrammed tricks, and includes support for arm crossing and bounce tricks (lift and force) as well.
download, 106631 bytes.

[MA][GNU]S, V1.01
A fully featured site-swap viewer written entirely in Java by Allen Knutson (, Matt Levine (, and Greg Warrington ( Includes features like state diagrams, space-time diagrams, and does real transitions between site-swaps.
download, 177258 bytes.

Nichols Site Swap Animator
This Java site swap animator allows several parameters to be modified interactively by the user. It was developed by Alan Nichols, Alan.Nichols@Sun.COM.
download, 16190 bytes.

McNab Site Swap Animator, V1.5
This is the first Java code to display site swaps received by the JIS, produced by Ross McNab,, and is seen running at the top of this page.
download, 7796 bytes.

How to Juggle 3 Balls: Java demo
This is the first juggling related Java code, and is used as a demonstration for online teaching of the 3 ball cascade. This was developed by Chris Seguin,
download, 25290 bytes.

Animated Icon
This is a Java version of the OpenWindows animated icon, created by Dave Torok, There is also a non-Java version of this, a GIF-89 animation, in the Computer Generated Animations section.
download, 22457 bytes.

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