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International Jugglers Association

This is a repository of information about the world's oldest organization of jugglers.

IJA Home Page
What is the IJA, and how do I join?

Juggler's World
Online archive of the IJA's quarterly publication.

Information about the various IJA competitions and championships.

IRC Logs
Transcripts of IRC broadcasts of events at IJA Festivals.

IJA Affiliates
What is an IJA affiliate group, and how do I create one?

IJA Awards
The various awards presented by the IJA, and their recipients.

Current IJA officers, and how to contact them.

Past Presidents
All of the IJA presidents and board chairmen, since the beginning.

Past Editors
All of the editors of the the IJA Newsletter and Juggler's World magazine, since the beginning.

Life Memberships
The complete list people in the IJA Life Membership program.

IJA Convention Sites
Convention sites and chairmen of all IJA conventions and festivals since the initial organizational meeting in 1947.

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