Official IJA Awards

This is a summary of the various awards presented by the IJA at its annual festival, along with the lists of honored recipients.

IJA Award of Excellence

The International Jugglers Association Award of Excellence will be given to an individual based on a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The award will recognize extraordinary achievement in the field of juggling performance. Individuals nominated should have demonstrated ability in, and dedication to, the art of juggling that has clearly established them as an international leader in the field. It will be presented to the honored individual during the course of the annual festival, and it will be customary for the board to cover the individual's travel and festival expenses. The award will consist of an engraved plaque, accompanied by a framed certificate of the board's proclamation in making the award.

	1989	Anthony Gatto
	1990	Kris Kremo
	1991	Sergei Ignatov
	1992	Michael Moschen
	1993	Gregory Popovich

IJA Historical Achievement Award

For jugglers, living or deceased, who have at one point in their careers shown extraordinary juggling achievements. Nominees will be appoved by a majority vote of the board of directors, and the award will be presented at the annual festival. It will be customary for the board to cover the individual's travel and festival expenses. The award will consist of an engraved plaque, accompanied by a framed certificate of the board's proclamation in making the award.

	1991	Trixie Larue
	1992	Lotte Brunn
	1994	Gus Lauppe

IJA Bobby May Award

The IJA Bobby May Award honors a juggler for helping other jugglers with their acts. New and experienced performers alike seek out the advice and critique of their peers in their quest to improve their acts. Not everyone is receptive to these inquiries. However, some performers are known as able, receptive mentors who are always willing to help those who seek them out. The award would be named for Bobby May, who was one of these mentors. Despite his international reputation, Bobby May always had time to coach young jugglers who showed up on his doorstep or at the backstage door Nominations for the award are received by the IJA Awards Committee, which presents a nomination to the Board of Directors. The award is presented each year at the Annual Festival.

IJA Extraordinary Service Award

For living jugglers who show outstanding service to the field of juggling. Primarily intended for those who have shown consistent commitment to promotion of juggling. Nominations accepted from membership and election by majority board vote. The award will be presented at the annual festival, and consist of an engraved plaque and a framed certificate of the board's proclamation in making the award.

	1989	Karl Heinz Ziethen
	1993	Bill Giduz

IJA Founders Award

The IJA Founders Award will recognize a juggler whose performance at any point during the annual festival best reflects the spirt of vaudeville entertainment that the organization's founders upheld. A committee of five people to select the winner will be appointed by the board, with a preference for IJA founders and longtime members who had performance careers. They will seek a performer whose act shows a logical progression from beginning to middle to end, contains no drops, demonstrates outstanding and engaging characterization, and conveys good comedy and variety arts skills. The award will be a 10 1/2" statuette of IJA founder Art Jennings as The Bum Juggler.

	1991	Andrew Head
	1992	Daniel Gulko
	1993	Michael Menes

IJA Excellence in Education Award

To recognize outstanding efforts by individuals to teach the skills or art of juggling, either to non-jugglers or to those who already juggle, the IJA may present The IJA Excellence In Education Award. Nominations for the award may be made by any member of the organization, but nominees need not be IJA members. The nomination will be confirmed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and it will be presented at the annual festival, unless circumstances dictate it be presented elsewhere. The award will take the form of a framed certificate and three apples for the winning teacher. The award is financed by an anonymous donor.

	1991	Dave Finnigan
	1992	Mike Vondruska
	1993	Jahnathan Whitfield
	1994	Kit Summers

Honorary Life Membership

For recognition of IJA members demonstrating dedicated service to the organization over a long period of time. The award consists of a plaque presented at conventions and all benefits of a lifetime membership in the IJA.

	1990	Mary Wilkins
	1991	Phineas Indritz

People's Choice Award

The People's Choice Award reflects the popularity of an individual or group of performers during the festival week. You may vote for whomever you wish, based on your feelings about his or her contribution to the festival. Ballots must be turned in at the IJA table by the end of the day Friday, or may be turned in to an IJA official during the Saturday Games. The winner will be announced at the beginning of The Big Toss-Up. He or she will be asked to stand in front of the Toss-Up crowd, and will receive a hand-crafted trophy made and donated by Russ O'Brien of the Akron juggling club. Previous winners are:

	1987	Bounce and Ooo La La
	1988	Philippine Pride Jugglers
	1989	The Flying Dutchmen
	1990	Arsene
	1991	Laura Green
	1992	Elliott Cutler
	1993	Masahiro Mizuno

Affiliate Awards

IJA Affiliates are welcomed to present awards of their own at the convetions. These should be presented during awards night by affiliate representatives. Those in place so far include AJA's Wild Style Award, Cascade Juggler's Woman of the Year Award, Jest Jugglers Best Jest Award and New York Jugglers Golden Leash Award.

Items of Thanks

For members who donate time and energy to organization in administration, at conventions or local festivals. To be given on recommendation of any board member during the Annual Championships Awards Night.

Championships Medals

For recognition of outstanding performance in championships events. Top prizes should be trophies, all participants should receive certificates of participation. Administration by championships director.

IJA Championship Trophy

The IJA Championship Trophy is for the winner of the annual Individuals championship. The trophy consists of a ball, club and ring top piece for a 26" tall trophy. There is space on the trophy base to engrave names of all past IJA champions and unlimited numbers of future winners on detachable rings. Annual Individual Championship winners will receive a miniature copy of the trophy for permanent possession and the cash award. The trophy was donated to the IJA by Albert Lucas.

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