Ed Carstens

My Family
I have been married since May 22, 1999 to Melisa. She works in computers too--the software side.
She came with one daughter, Colleen, an energetic, outgoing, potential juggler who also likes singing
and dancing.


I graduated from UMR in 1992 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. I have graduated from UF now with a MS of EE degree with an emphasis in computers. My research advisor was Dr. Mark Law at UF .
I have my resume online.


Juggling has been a hobby of mine since age 11. I am probably bestknown for my juggling simulator, JugglePro. As a matter of fact, the above picture of me is taken from an article about me in Juggler's World Magazine. If you are interested in juggling, consider buying this . Check out the JIS Media Section! Here is a picture of me passing clubs in a 16-club box.

I am at the front right, Martin Frost is at the back left.Owen Morse (left) and Jon Wee (back right) of "The Passing Zone" have fun trying to knock out our clubs.This is piece of a stereo picture taken byDuane Starcher at the Montreal IJA Fest.


Besides juggling I enjoy math puzzles and belong to the MAA.I have written a paper about the math of juggling.


I like jazz and hate country. I enjoy composing on the piano. Some of my best works are "Chocolate Factory" and "Figure Skater".