Welcome to Doctor Steve's Home...

It's so nice to see you! I hope the directions were good and you didn't have any trouble finding the place. Oh my, where are my manners? Please come in and make yourself at home. Don't worry, the dog doesn't bite... neither does the wife.

This might not be a very exciting visit for you. I don't have loads of links to wildly interesting cyber-places or megabytes of great computer 3D art stuff or GIFs of naked ladies (know where I can get some?). You see I'm not much of a computer geek. I only have text access to the WWW so this will mostly be a "This is My Life/Autobiography" type of place.

So sit down here in this nice big COMFY CHAIR and let me tell you a little something about myself.

First, since you probably got directions to my home from a juggler, I'll tell you about my involvement with the International Jugglers Association. When Barry installs my new IJA files, you'll be able to go to [IJA] to connect to the *NEW* IJA WEB PAGES which I will be maintaining. Or you can go to [STEVE] to read about my personal juggling feats, accomplishments and faves (notably the Diabolo and Bullwhips).

There are a couple of newspaper articles that have been written about me. One is about my life as a Chiropractor/Bullwhip Performance Artist, another is about juggling at our local club and one is about my unique wedding (see below). They can all be accessed through [ARTICLES].
Gosh, this ought to be about as entertaining as sitting through someone else's vacation pictures. Jeez.

Another connection between my *real* life and the world of juggling was my wedding. I married the lovely miss Jennifer Aaronson in a huge event at the IJA Festival in Fargo, North Dakota in '93. Going to [ARTICLES] will let you read all about this spectacle - or you can just buy the video ;-)

I am something of a *personality* on REC.JUGGLING (stop laughing!). I started the tradition of the anthropomorphic .SIG - Go take a look at [SIG] to get an explanation of this cyberspace phenomena and to read a mysterious fictional story that I wrote about it.
Yeah, like you don't already get *enough* of my rantings on the 'net!

I LOVE going to the movies. [OSCAR] is a list of all the BEST PICTURE winners since the inception of the "Oscars" awards and an account of my *brief* experience on screen in the world of film. If things had worked out differently, you'd all be posting about sightings of JUGGLING IN STEVE'S MOVIES...

[CD] is a list of all the music CDs I own. I wonder what you'll think of my taste in music? Some would venture to use the word "eclectic" while others would probably prefer something like "psychotic".

My son, Alexander Paul Salberg, was born on Monday, May 1 1995. You can read my [DIARY] about how he was born after my wife Jennifer was in a car wreck. You can also read the humorous announcement that I posted to the REC.JUGGLING newsgroup.

Steve S.

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