Newspaper Articles

Here are links to newspaper articles that I have been the subject of.


The first article is about my wedding which was performed at the 1993 IJA Festival in Fargo, North Dakota. This was my *real* legal wedding and was a scheduled event in the festival schedule.

Although North Dakota is a nice place, I can't help thinking that had it been in any other year we could have been married in Montreal or Los Angeles, exciting romantic locations. But no, we were in married in Fargo. To which everyone always responds: "Where?". This article was printed in THE FORUM on Friday, July 23, 1993. The wedding was covered by a local TV network affiliate and we were interviewed by a local radio station.

The next day we were interviewed by the TV station during one of their news programs. We were joined on the broadcast by Masahiro Mizuno, The Passing Zone, and Gregory Popovich. Not a bad bunch of supporting players eh?


The second is an article about my whip act. Somehow, someone at the newspaper found out that there was a doctor who performed as a whip artist. They called me and scheduled a photo session and an interview.

I must say that I was amazed at how much information the reporter got wrong in this article. Some of what he wrote had nothing whatsoever to do with anything I said in the interview. He mixed up things in the wrong order which changed their meanings and he misquoted me. And he was using a tape recorder!


The third is excerpts from newspaper interviews that were conducted at our juggling club.

Newspaper Articles
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