JIS Committee on Numbers Juggling

Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution of the JIS Committee on Numbers Juggling

Article I. Name

The name of this organization is the Juggling Information Service (JIS) Committee on Numbers Juggling, otherwise known as the Numbers Committee or the Committee.

Article II. Purposes

The purposes of this group shall be literary and educational, and be accomplished by determining, publishing, and maintaining a list of the world record holders of the juggling of kinds and numbers of objects. The medium of publication shall be on the Internet, in a body of information maintained at the JIS, and in such other places as it shall determine.

Article III. Distribution of Assets

In the event of the dissolution of the Numbers Committee, the disposition of any remaining assets after outstanding bills are paid shall be determined by vote of the entire membership at the time of dissolution, and shall take the form of a contribution to an organization or organizations devoted primarily to juggling and related arts.

Article IV. Membership

Membership shall be no more than ten nor fewer than three people. The initial members are inducted through the invitation of the JIS. New members may be nominated by their predecessors or by any current member. New members are inducted by majority vote of the membership, or if membership falls below three, new members may be appointed by the President or by a representative of the JIS. Members may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Numbers Committee. All members must have and maintain access to the Internet and access to each other by e-mail. Any member not responding to six consecutive calls for votes will be suspended from the committee. After being informed about this fact by email, the member will be reinstated if they email the committee within four weeks requesting this. If they do not contact the committee within four weeks they will be deemed to have resigned."

Article V. Officers

The officers of the Numbers Committee shall be President, Secretary, and Treasurer, each having the powers and responsibilities usual to such titles. Other members shall, by seniority, assume the duties of officers unable to carry them out. These officers shall conduct and control the powers, property, and affairs of the Numbers Committee in accordance with the bylaws. Expenditures must be authorized by both the President and the Treasurer. The Treasurer will publish a financial statement of Committee at least annually in the rec.juggling newsgroup. The Secretary will be responsible for the physical maintenance of the list of records on the JIS and their periodic posting to the rec.juggling newsgroup. Officers shall serve for one year.

Article VI. Elections

Officers shall be elected annually by vote of the members conducted openly by e-mail during the first week of January of each year. Members wishing to run for office may so declare (by e-mail) during the month of December of the preceding year.

Article VII. Amendments

Proposed amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, or Rules may be submitted by any member at any time and may be approved by a majority vote of the membership after at least three weeks from when the amendment proposal had been submitted

Bylaws of the JIS Committee on Numbers Juggling


In all aspects of its affairs, including the adoption of additions and amendments to these bylaws, and except where otherwise noted, the membership shall act as a committee of the whole, and conduct its business as equals among peers. Discussions of the affairs of the Numbers Committee shall be by e-mail, and whether addressed to one or more members or to the entire membership, shall be Cc'd so as to be received by all members.


The Numbers Committee shall publish at least annually a list of the current world records and record holders in the juggling events described in the Rules and Definitions. The primary medium of publication shall be on the Internet in the JIS, and as a post to the rec.juggling newsgroup. The Committee may publish or authorize the publication of lists in any other medium or place as it may decide. For historical purposes all lists published by the Committee shall remain accessible on the JIS. The Numbers Committee shall also maintain a copy of its Rules and Definitions in the JIS, along with its Constitution and Bylaws. No post, publication, or e-mail by a Committee member shall be considered a publication or representation of the Numbers Committee unless it is made by a Committee officer in the performance of his duties or by consensus of the Committee.

The Committee shall also publish or make available a form for jugglers to complete which grants the Committee the rights to reproduce the video of their work submitted with the completed form. The form shall also include space for listing the names of the participants, the props and patterns used, and other information as the Committee shall require.


Upon receipt of video evidence and a completed release form, a member may propose the recognition of a new record or new event by notifying the membership. The video evidence shall then be mailed to another member, who shall inspect it and mail it to the President or his designee. At their request other members shall be mailed video evidence for review.

The President shall call for a vote on any evidence for a new record within three months of the time it is submitted. Any submission not unanimously approved or rejected shall be voted on again after a discussion period of not less than one week. No evidence may be voted upon more than twice in any nine-month period. Evidence submitted in a new event shall cause the President to propose adoption of that event during the annual review of Bylaws and Rules and Definitions. Determinations to accept or reject evidence of a record shall be by unanimous consent whenever possible. Any determination not unanimous shall be considered `Disputed', and published as such. Any member not responding to a call for votes within fifteen days will be deemed to be absent from the vote. A quorum must vote for a decision to be made. A quorum shall consist of at least two members or 25% of the committee, whichever is larger.


The Rules and Definitions shall be a part of the Bylaws, and may be added to or amended according to the same procedures used with any other portion of the Bylaws.

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