JIS Committee on Numbers Juggling

Numbers Juggling Records

A committee was formed in 1996 to allow the Juggling Information Service to maintain an authoritative list of validated numbers juggling records that are generally accepted by the juggling community. The records here below represent the longest runs with each number and prop that we have been able to authenticate using available videos. In some cases we are certain that there have been longer runs, but have not been able to obtain proof. We are actively seeking films or videos that will surpass the records listed here, and will welcome any submissions. We hope that the existence of this list will stimulate interest in numbers juggling at all levels as well as setting goals for the most dedicated.

Videos may be sent to any member of the Committee.

Current Records

For more information see the answers to frequently asked questions, our press release, the rules and definitions used in compiling our records, and the constitution and bylaws of the committee.

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