In a recent newspaper review of the touring show, "In Motion with Michael Moschen" at the Maine Center for the Arts, the author (Alicia Anstead) says, "Although Moschen has remarkable physical control and can create some pretty heady and clean imagery, it was tempting to wish that the show could be a little more fun and energized, and less conceptualized." According to Anstead, though, Moschen IS doing the classic crowd-pleaser "eat the apple" trick in his show now, with a kneeling audience member eating the fruit as Michael juggles. The TPP staff wonders if Michael may be moving away from the far-out artsy stuff and into more commercial routines. (Hey Mike, we know where you can get a Schwinn shorty unicycle CHEAP!)


Juggling artist Sara Felder will be performing at the Cockpit Theatre in London on May 18th, 20th and 21st, as part of a festival of Jewish culture. She will be doing a 45 minute set on a double bill with another female comedian. There will be a lot of juggling in her act, along with the wedding monologue from her new show "June Bride". According to Andrew Conway, "Sara is a true artist - she makes you think, she makes you feel, and she makes you laugh. She also juggles." For more information, call the theatre at 0171 402 5081.


Rich Ross and Scott Meltzer, collectively known as Monkey Wrench, appeared on ABC's Utah '95 on April 23rd. According to Rich, the show is "new, hot, and its not Mormon-related. It's the cutting edge of television programming." Now, we've been to Utah, Rich, so if what you say is true, you can also add "soon to be canceled" to that list...


Following in the footsteps of Mark Nizer, the Raspyni Brothers -- A.K.A. Dan Holzman and Barry Friedman -- were selected to give an hour-long performance for the jurors and alternates in the courtroom. Fearing that the show would be canceled or that the jurors would be "a group of bitter, depressed, unhappy people who were in no mood for a couple of jugglers no matter how good they were," the Bro's were pleasantly surprised to perform for a room full of smiling, happy people. One highlight was when two of the deputies were used as volunteers for the show. Afterwards, each juror was given a Raspyni Brother's T-Shirt.

The Raspynis have also gotten a lot of press out of the appearance including "Entertainment Tonight," "Inside Edition," a future spread in "The National Enquirer," this very note in Two Ply Press, and their picture even appeared on "Dennis Miller Live" on HBO during his news parody monologue. Congratulations, Boys. Now be sure to send Nizer the phone number of your publicist...


Jamie Adkins was recently in San Diego county performing at Escondido's California Center For the Performing Arts with the San Francisco-based Pickle Family Circus. Adkins, a former street juggler in San Diego's Balboa Park, ushered (can you say "free admission?") for a Pickle performance in 1992 and then decided to audition for a spot with the troupe. The circus moves to the Barclay Theater in Orange County, CA for performances on May 27 and 28, 1995. For more information, call the box office at (714) 854-4646.


The official opening of the new MGM amphitheater in San Diego is still two weeks away, but someone has already crashed the place. A burglar broke a front window and stole Ray Wold's straight jacket that was on display to advertise his upcoming magic and comedy appearance there, May 15 - 21. The show is called "Explosion." (Ray Wold, of course, is yet another former street juggler / magician from San Diego's Balboa Park...) The new theater will feature live entertainment on a regular basis (a wholesome change from its former function as an adult movie theater. The neighborhood, though however, is still as seedy as it gets....). Call (619) 282-2195 for more info...


The San Dieguito Manipulation Society presents the second annual San Dieguito Juggling Festival at the Boys and Girl's Club in Encinitas, CA, June 2 - 4, 1995. The fest is held in a great location -- can you say "high ceilings and great lighting?" -- and is frequented by such big name jugglers as Mark "What's The Number Of That Publicist?" Nizer and Sean McKinney, former IJA Juniors Champion, and the Two Ply Staff (need we say more?). For more information call Bob Hartman at (619) 753-6351 or 632-0733.

The Orange Jugglers are hosting the Catalina Jugglers Jam once again, August 25 - 27, on the island of Catalina in a nifty little campground just steps away from snorkeling and scuba diving fun. We're talking running water, pit toilets, rinse off showers and the whole "camping at the beach" thing along with juggling, juggling, juggling! The cost is $20.00 per person and includes camping, munchies, firewood and the rental of stoves and lanterns -- Torch fuel too! The boat ride over will cost you around $35 bucks... For more info, call Michelle Gerdes at (310) 497-1097 or e-mail her at Orngejuglr@aol.com.


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