RIP - Two Ply Press
"Bigfoot Journalism For The Juggling Public"
1988 - 1999

That's right, Juggling Fans, TPP is deader than the American Public's hopes for a quick outcome to an election in Florida.

So, what'd ya miss? We're glad you asked:

Yep, it was the good, the bad, and the ugly of the juggling world, brought to you in the form of real, photo-copied entertainment.

So, if you're not into juggling poems, "group hugs" and the "eat the apple trick," you might want to beg, borrow or steal back issues of TPP. Then again, if fewer people had begged, borrowed and stole, we might still be in business. Not that we're bitter... really... sniff.

Way Outdated Samples for the Truly Curious!

Check out our May 1995 or February 1996 to see what you missed. Happy musing.

BTW, if you want to start a juggling publication, do it 'cause you love it. If you're looking to live the pampered childhood of George Bush Jr., think again -- you're gonna be belly up faster than a fish in a bottle of vodka. Wait a minute! That does sound like George's childhood! Go figure...

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