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Essays, Articles, and Papers on Juggling

The Science of Juggling, by Peter J. Beek and Arthur Lewbel.
Scientific American, November, 1995, Volume 273, Number 5, pages 92-97.
Includes The Mathematics of Juggling.

Juggling Drops and Descents, by Joe Buhler and Ron Graham.
Proceedings of the Organic Mathematics Workshop, December 12-14, 1995.

Mathematics of Juggling, by Ed Carstens.
November 25, 1992.

On the Symbolism of Juggling, by Arthur Chandler.
The Journal of Popular Culture, Winter 1991, Vol. 25, #3.

A History of Juggling, by Andrew Conway.
rec.juggling post, September 2, 1994.

Jugglers and Juggling, by Dr. Henry R. Evans.
Linking Ring, February and March 1938.

The Indian Jugglers, by William Hazlitt.
Table Talk, 1828.

The Human Limits, by Jack Kalvan.

Optimal Juggler, by Jack Kalvan.

The Magical Motion of Michael Moschen, by Steve Kemper.
Smithsonian, August, 1995, Volume 26, Number 5. Abstract only.

Research in Juggling History, by Arthur Lewbel.

Finding Juggling Pattern Transitions with Smart Engineering Systems,
by Curtis Miller, 1997.

Juggling as Performing Mathematics, by B. John Sommers, 1998.

New Juggling Tricks, by Prof. Ellis Stanyon, 1901.

There's More to Juggling Than Meets the Eye, by Sophie Tatham.

Notes Toward a History of Juggling, by Marcello Truzzi.
Bandwagon, Vol. 18, No. 2, March-April 1974.

On Keeping Things Up in the Air, by Marcello Truzzi.
Natural History, Vol. 88, No. 10, December 1979.

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