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Take 3 Clubs, by Robert Dawson. 1995.

Juggling - its history and greatest performers, by Francisco Alvarez. 1984.

Juggling, by Rupert Ingalese. 1921.

The Lasso - A Rational Guide to Trick Roping, by Carey Bunks. 1996.

Excerpts from Juggling Books

Cigar Box of Tricks, by Shaun Clark

Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling, by Charlie Dancey
comments by Danny Colyer
comments by Andy Millson
comments by Ward A. Myers
comments by Brian Milner
comments by Nathan Hoover
comments by Rupert Voelcker

Compendium of Club Juggling, by Charlie Dancey

Mastering Devilstick (part one), by Chris Dore
review by James J. Barlow

Stunning Starts and Fancy Finishes for Club Jugglers, by Doug Dougal

My First Diabolo Book, by Donald Grant

Diabolo Stick Grinds and Suicides, by Donald Grant

Diabolo 2: Crazy Cradles and Baffling Body Moves, by Donald Grant

Totally Diabolical, by Donald Grant

Diabolo 3: Two Hot to Handle, by Donald Grant, with Guy Heathcote
comments by Andrew Premdas

The Juggler's Little Instruction Book, by Dan Holzman

Four Ball Juggling: From Simple Patterns To Advanced Theory, by Martin Probert
comments by Charlie Dancey

The Book of Club Swinging, by Ben Richter

Juggling, the Art and its Artists, by Karl-Heinz Ziethen and Andrew Allen

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