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Past Masters

Juggler c1875

Ramo Samee
This posting to rec.juggling describes Ramo Samee, an early 19th century Indian juggler who performed in England and America.

Jim Harrigan
Jim Harrigan was the first talking comedy juggler. Here's the script of his act as it was copyrighted in 1897. His tramp character and cigar box manipulation were a major influence on W.C. Fields, and in combining talking comedy with juggling he created a genre that is still thriving a century later.

London Street Juggler, Mid 19th Century
A London street juggler was interviewed by Henry Mayhew for his book London Labour and the London Poor. The interview was published in 1861, though it may have been collected several years earlier.

Tom Hearn
From Stanyon's magazine Magic in 1903, here's a detailed account of the act of comedian Tom Hearn, The World's Laziest Juggler.

The Howard Brothers
This post to rec.juggling quotes a 1911 advertisment in Variety for the Howard Brothers, who juggled banjos and played them at the same time.

Marcel Meunier
This illustrated article on the young French champion diabolist, Marcel Meunier, was written during the diabolo craze of 1907. It is from the L'Illustration No. 3365.

Juggler's World Articles
Juggler's World has published many wonderful articles on jugglers of the past. Here are some of them.

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