A Comedy in one Act and entitled;-
James Harrigan, Author and Prop.

Cast of Characters.
Jonnie on the Spot.--------------------------Harrigan,
The Juggling Comedian.
Charley not There _ _ Chas. Whiticar.


Open of Act, Enter Harrigan.

(First Speech)

"Hallo! Fellows, well I blowed my job again, I was out with a troop, may be you heard about it, it was called a cold day when we get left. Well I woke up one morning, out in St. Paul, Minn., and it was 45 degrees below zero. That was the day.

The manager of this troup, he shook everybody, and now he is trying to shake me, well I'll tell you right now, he cant loose me now (Business of stricking match on whiskers).

I have an idea, now I know what I'll do, I will just chase out a few tricks here, and I'll do them, then I will pass my hat and I might chase up a few pennies, and, 0h! well lem and seltzer for a chaser. (Business tricks with plug hat, throwing hat, one, two, and three revolutions, and catching it on head, then throwing hat up and catching it on stick, on the rim of the hat.) Remarks made while doing trick:-"0h! I dont know" "Oh! pretty fair," "Don't you think it is a shame to take money for doing this."

2nd. trick:- With box and bottle, with lid on box:- Trick is throwing bottle in and out of box, making the lid open and shut, as the bottle passes in and out. Remarks at finish of trick:-"0h! there are others."

3rd. trick:- Balancing long strip of paper on nose, and letting it fall to chest, and balancing on chest; and remark as it drops to chest:- "On the chest."

4th. trick:- Juggling three balls, have plug hat on the head with hole in the top of hat and one in front of the hat with the flap on, throw one ball up, it goes through hole in top of the hat, and comes out hole in front, the flap going back to place after ball coming out. Remark:- "You have all heard of people talking through their hat, but you have never seen anyone that could juggle through his hat."

5th. trick:- Have eight (8), ten (l0), or twelve (l2), cigar boxes on table, grabbing them one at a time and putting them all together, and working them up in a pyramid, then sliding them down again, knocking them off one at a time; Remark. "Oh! pretty fair."

6th. trick:- Three cigar boxes juggling and catching them while keeping time with the music; Remark:- "What is the use of working when you can do this for a living."

7th. trick:- Putting lighted lamps on eight, ten, or twelve, cigar boxes, knocking boxes out, one at a time, and catching lamp on back of hand.

8th. trick:- Scene second.

Putting lamps on top of pyramid of boxes on table, pushing pyramid over until it is about to fall, then catch on stick, balance all of them, then let the whole thing drop, and catch lamp on the stick; Remark:- "Well so long fellows."

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