Will's Wonderful Home Page

Welcome to my home page - definitely a place NOT to be if you've got a life. But for those of you who find yourself here I would be happy to receive your comments by email.

What I use the Net for

Of course there is a lot of hype about the Net and how it is going to change the World. Personally, I can remember life without tv, video and fax, although not without sliced bread. I suspect that the latter changed the World more than tv, video, fax and the Net put together.

However, I believe that the Net is both a useful tool and good fun (although it can be very frustrating at times). I use it for a variety of things, the main ones being:

email- it's good to be able to communicate with friends and relatives around the globe for the price of a local phone call. Anything which cuts BT's profits must be a good thing. My address is given at the end.

collecting information- there is an amazing amount of information out there on every concievable subject . The WWW is a great place to spend a few hours.

playing backgammon- I've played backgammon for years and it's pretty exciting playing with someone across the other side of the world. If you would like to play on the global circuit, the address is:

telnet fraggel65.mdstud.chalmers.se 4321

lists- a list is a place where people get together to discuss a particular topic, to provide information for similar-minded people or to ask for help. Two of my favourite lists are ENVIRONMENT-L and ENVST-L where you can keep up to date on environmental issues.

Interesting sites

"Whole Internet Catalog

This is a good place to browse. You will find lots of interesting places to go to from here.

Juggling Information Service

The Mecca for jugglers. Contains information and help on all aspects of juggling, including UK stuff.

"Uncle Bob's Home Page

My kids like to spend some here checking out the wealth of interesting sites listed by Uncle Bob. There is even stuff on how to ride a unicycle.

Patrick Crispen's Roadmap

This is an excellent introduction to the Internet. It is well-written and is easy to follow. If you're just starting out, check this site out.

Virtual Pub

Lots of interesting info on beers and stuff from around the world


A good place to start if you are interested in all things about bicycles


Tandem mag, clubs and general info.

This is the first draft of my home page. I think you will agree that it needs working on !

email will@tstewart.demon.co.uk