Philadelphia Jugglers Club


Monday Nights 7:30 - 9:45 PM

Picture Gallery

Click any image to see the full-sized versions. All photos taken July 27, 1998 by Dave Torok

artmus-cityview.jpgPhiladelphia Skyline as seen from the Art Museum Plaza

jug-dev-mus1.jpg Passing Devil Stick and Clubs

jug-meeting.jpg Our weekly 5-minute Meeting-Within-a-Meeting (announcements, party invitations, etc.)

jug-farshot.jpg The club from afar

jug-dick-balance.jpg Dick Rainer plays with fire on a windy day

jug-thrustatue.jpg As seen through one of the plaza's statues

jug-plaza.jpg View of the club from the rainy-day meeting spot (under the museum entrance)

Dick Rainer once again lights a flying torch by exhaling through his nose. (No, not really!)

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