Digital Doomsday Clock

The Blue Ribbon campaign for freedom of speech online. (I'm having trouble getting the graphics to work - give me a day or two)

  1. AVATAR MUD Pretty good modified merc/diku MUD. Few flaws, but most of the people there are cool. Nice friendly sort place. I am Entropys Child, the Dwarven Warrior...say hi !

  2. Helliconia, a Roleplaying PK (Player Killing) MUD, ROM 2.4 code. Clan based system, with 6 towns...Mystery for Spellcasters Tristan for fighters Codex for the Lawkeepers Chaos for those wanting freedom from the oppressive laws Darkness want to take over the world Brightness the Holy Warriors against Evil.
    I am Eyeless, Townmaster of Chaos. Come, join with us...

  3. MOMENT IN TYME a truly excellent roleplaying Circle MUD based on Robert Jordens WHEEL OF TIME series. Roleplaying in a hack-n-slash environment kinda odd, but worth a look, even if you havent read the books its based on.

  4. FARSIDE at farside.cortech.com 3000 (Or maybe Coretech...) Dont know the homepage URL...the MUD avatar came from..erm...safest you dont ask :) This is the place I started MUDding at. Its THEIR FAULT, people...

  5. GODWARS at GW.MONO.ORG 4000, mad sorta powerfull PKing place. ROM code, I think. No levels, no races, no classes. Lots of blood. And you can join Clans such as vampires, werewolves, mages, drow and demons when you get powerfull. Sorta based on the White wolf/storyteller ones.

    Also try out : Tales of Ta'Veren MUSH fly.ccs.yorku.ca 4201 Based on Jordan's Wheel of Time books. Isles sauron.hacks.arizona.edu Beta test ing of a role 2000 playing site. Nitemare mud.pht.com 3000 hack'n'sl ash thing. Dutch Mountains 4000 See above :)

  6. A MUDLIST for when the others lag or crash.

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