First we have...

History of the Empire

The Woolley Free Empire was founded by myself, Emperor Woolley the First, aka Azraphael the Wicked, and also Paul Woolley of Glamorgan Uni (UK), with the assistance of my General O'Neill.

We have had many emperors since - I resigned many moons ago, but now had to reclaim my throne from the evil Chichester.


Woolley the First, founder of the Free Empire. Resigned to take a...back-seat role, although remained as an advisor to the new Emperors...

Next came John I. The true choice, Pete the Elite, was not to be found, so the Crumpton took over for a short time.

Then, Pete I and Victoria I, Emperor and Empress for the longest time, appart from the grand founder, and who began the poster campaign. The EMpire flourished under their hand. Then, for various reasons, Pete also left his post. He named the Chicister as his replacement...

Finally, Chichester the Traitor, working now for the EVIL computer. I kicked him out of office and returned as Emperor once more, to lead the Empire into triumph.

Woolley the first returned to office...

Dhill is now the Emperor Reborn, the living emodiment of PRWOOLLE.

More info will be appearing here when I can be bothered to type it in.


Chichester, ex-emperor, has now revieled himself to the world at large as an undercover agent working for myself, worming his way into the Computers domain..With his help, the computer is on the brink of collapse...WE HAVE WON !

Down with the computer ! It's evil forces must perish in flames !


Although seemingly idle, the WFE has slowly been spreading its wings once more. We may have shrunk now, after our victory over the Computer, but we are still there. Somewhere. Watching. Waiting.

Forgotten, but not gone !

NEWSFLASH 13:march:1996

After a long, relatively peacefull winter, the Empire once again began it's raise to glory. We are currently whittling away the small, meaningless opposition. Yet again, the Glories of WFE, the Saviour of Powcon, will be known !

I have assigned DHILL as the new emperor, to rule in my stead. He has been accepted by all. All that matter, anyway. ONWARDS TO GLORY !

We are Watching you.