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Juggling Information Service

These are the first people to get a mention. You should check this place out NOW. Experienced jugglers, or someone who just wants to get started, hints, tips, new, and whathaveyou.

I'm only new to the juggling world myself, 3 ball cascade, flashing 4 balls (fnarr), Mills Mess and a handfull of other tricks.

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Comment of the, erm, however long it is until I change it
I have just won a reservation on the first batch of Thomas Cook Lunar Tour Flights, in a competition from Yellow Pages. Sure, I have to pay for the flight myself, when it happens, but I get first call on the seat >:-)
Its an Ill Wind that blows no Minds

Updated :8-8-96(I should be on my computing course right now, but I stayed to get this finished >:-)

Okay, okay, yeah, its a mess, sure, but, look, press PAGE DOWN a few times, and jump to the links, okay ? Basically, its my bookmarks, but, well, whatever.

[Imagine there is a picture of me here] I really, REALLY loath people who put pictures of themselves on homepages. Kinda pathetic thing to do, imho.

And I dont know how to do it myself. ;P

The Woolley Free Empire is watching you. We know who you are. And, yes, this DOES make sense to somebody out there...

Ahem. Anyway. Some minor links.

  1. Blatent lies about myself. Written many moons ago.
  2. Jokes thate are not funny and probably never will be.
  3. Role playing
  4. Play with some German Trains !!!!
  5. MUDs (Multi User Domains - Games)
  6. Media Books, Comics, films, and what not.
  7. Big Brother Webcams of all shapes and sizes.
  8. Other stuff

    Lots of links and stuff


    Just dont tell anyone about them, eh ? out little secret...

    Paint Shop Pro Shareware

    Tru Reality stuff about web grapohics and things.

    This is also to be used as a fire exit in the case of emergencies...if the alarm bell rings, please evacuate from these doors here in an orderly fashion.
    A drill will be organised in the near future. Thank you.
    This page suck bigtime ? You wanna find somewhere better ? Be my guest. Here's a few web searchers to help you on your way.

    Net Searchers
    World Wide Web Wrangler - An Erisian Web Searcher based on the Time, your starsign and so on, which takes you to the page you most need to be at.

    You are still here, eh ? well, okay. My bookmarks, erm, links, umm, whatever.

  9. Useless Pages Coolest, awesomest, bestest waste of time on the Web.

    Big Brother is Watching You - A list of my favourite Webcams...be afraid...

  10. K-Files and Kipple Culture The Discordian Society page. Erm, its ceased to exist, but heres the link anyway.

    Discordia - lots of links and info and stuff.

  11. Fortean Times on-line
    KISS is a program for anime/manga fans. It was originally written for young japanese girls, buts is now something of a cult hit. Erm, well, I like it, anyway :) Heres a page or two where you can get more info, download the program and data, and find more sites about it :

  12. The Big Kiss Page - but it seems to be down a lot.
  13. The World of French Kiss (FKiss is animated KISS, btw)
  14. Venice Archives Hasnt been updated for a while, but a good source of data.
  15. Iczer Archives

    What is KISS, I hear you cry ? Well, erm, Kiss is a paperdoll-program. Erm, by clicking and dragging you can change the clothes the anime-character is wearing. Umm. Yeah. Like the old cut-out dolls on the backs of comics. And a friend of mine found out that if you delete certain cels, such as bra.cel, erm, well, imagine, neh ? I'd just like to point out that he is a very strange person indeed. His name is Dean Stone, so feel free to swear at him if you ever meet.

    Roleplaying stuff :

  16. Warhammer Archives - /THE/ best Warhammer RPG site on the web.
  17. Fantasy Roleplay
  18. /frp/warhammer/ at someplace I forget.
  19. The Warhammer archives Also, join the Warhammer mailing list at..erm..lost it. Must remember to put it back. SOrry. Erm, got emailed today by a high_druid fella telling me the new address, and I've gone and lost it already. Must dig it up again...

    You'll find me hanging around either as Eyeless or as ENtropy's Child. Say hello. :)

  20. AVATAR MUD Pretty good modified merc/diku MUD. Few flaws, but most of the people there are cool. Nice
  21. Helliconia, a Roleplaying PK (Player Killing) MUD, ROM 2.4 code.
  22. MOMENT IN TYME a truly excellent roleplaying Circle MUD based on Robert Jordens WHEEL OF TIME series.

  23. FARSIDE, found at farside.cortech.com 3000 (Or maybe Coretech...) DOnt know the homepage URL...the MUD avatar came from..erm...safest you dont ask :)
  24. GODWARS, at GW.MONO.ORG 4001, mad sorta powerfull PKing place. No levels. Just lots of blood :) And your Vampires and things. Testing only ATM.
  25. Tales of Ta'veren MUSH, GAROU MUSH, MASQUERADE, and others to be added shortly. (This is a Lie. I wrote it over a year ago, and still it is not done)
  26. A MUDLIST for when the others lag or crash.

    Now some more Role-playing game sites.

  27. Surge's RPG stuff
  28. AD&D
  29. Werewolf
  30. surge's RPG archive
  31. Role-Playing Game Internet thingy
  32. Arcane a British RPG magazine.

    and finally, it's the Trading Card Games - Magic and others...

  33. WoTC Magic Page
  34. WotC Magic Page - Whats New
  35. List of humourous Magic Expansions
  36. WyvernI dont really play wyvern much, but here it is anyway.

    Now that the roleplaying bits over, here's some comic and Anime stuff...more to be added shortly.


  37. David Gaxiola's Anime and Manga page
  38. Anime and Manga thing
  39. Anime Gallery Lots of cool pictures here.

  40. Anime Archive More anime art then you can shake a stick at.

    This is, *GASP* the non-japaneese comic sites.

  41. Sandman the best comic, except Power Pack maybe.
  42. I wonder what THIS button does ?

  43. Lock-picking guide, but for INFORMATION ONLY, guys and galls...
  44. Necronomicon, as written by the Mad Arab Abdul Al Hazred.

  45. 3 classic British comedy pages.
    Erm, thats it, really. I'll chuck more in when I'm bored.

    And Here's some nice OTHER stuff...

  46. Pictures of Christina Applegate Well, need I say more ?
  47. Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.
  48. You know you've been watching BabylonFive too much when...
  49. Everything I needed to know I learned from watching Babylon 5
  50. Tiny TV list THE best page with links to EVERY imaginable telly program, from Trumpton to Newsnight, Red Dwarf to Twin Peaks. Well, okay, maybe not EVERY program imaginable, but all the ones _I_ watch :)

  51. Retard Links
  52. Byrd Polar Research Home Page There was a reason, but I forget...
  53. Web of Wonder
  54. Prozaq's Prodigy Page just because I used to work with him :)
  55. This WAS a link to NUDE WOMEN, (anime ones) but I had to remove it since it was too popular with the sad perverts out there. Heh, like I said, this was set up for my own use... *SMILE*

    And now all the important, serious stuff...ummm...

  56. A Beginner's Guide to HTML which is the only reason I can write this page...It's THEIR FAULT folks...(NB. The reason its my page is so poor is because I skimmed it quickly and have no imagination.)

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