Adult/Kid Heckler lines

- How old are you? (wait for an answer.....say they're 8 years old ) You wanna live to be 9 ? - (For yo-yo performers or if someone calls you a yo-yo) Just what a Yo-Yo needs...... a little jerk! - You should go to hollywood, the walk would do you good. - I know you think you understand what I said, but what you heard is not what I meant. - I like kids, but I don't think I could eat a whole one. - If things get any worse, I'll have to ask you to stop helping me. - Hecklers, can't live with'em,...can't kill'em - My last cow just died, so I won't need your bull - Ask the heckler to be the official mime and get them up on stage out of the way and
continue your show. Every now and then look to him and say to the audience
"All the while our mime did nothing" or such. At the end of the show say < P> "The moral of this show is a MIME is a horible thing to waste!" - "Don't you tell me how to do my job. Do I come to Your factory and show
you how to Sweep up !" - You are in the middle of a show and a kid keeps interupting, you finally
say to him/her "Sorry you don't have a speaking role in this party" - "One day you'll find yourself and be quite disappointed!"
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