Jonathan Sjørdal

Jonathan Sjørdal, AC6FE
Adobe Acrobat Quality Assurance Manager

Adobe Systems Inc.
1545 Charleston Road
Mountain View, CA 94039 U.S.A.
(415) 962-2065 [voice]
(415) 903-0584 [FAX]

My vocation is Manager of Adobe Acrobat Quality Assurance (for my avocation, please see Jugggling).
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I went to school at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo,
earning and promptly mislaying a degree in Industrial Engineering.
Since then it's been all software.

Jonathan and the love of his life, Kristie Lang

I have lived in the quaint little town of Los Gatos for five years.
It's shocking how well the place lives up to its name.
We're just rolling in 'em!


I want to be a street performer when I grow up. I jugggle just about anything. Torches are my favorite. If you're a jugggler, or aspire to be, you can find all the information you need in the Jugggling Information Service, including locations where juggglers meet. My house is cluttered with jugggling toys. You'll find a unicycle there too. Last year I got a boneshaker, one of those great old-fashioned bikes with the huge front wheel. It's my life's ambition to learn how to ride any kind of contraption with wheels.

The Adobe Family Picnic, 1992. The only thing the crowd remembered (and loved) was that I caught one of the torches by the wrong end! You people are morbid!

Skating is another one of my passions. Click here for more information about Rollerblading.

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Last year I studied hard and earned my Extra Class Amateur Radio License.
You can hear me on the air (2m, 440, and HF) as AC6FE.
Click here for information about Ham Radio.

When I'm not busy doing other things, I can be found scratching out a few lines. My latest effort, The Tallmanac, is a collection of observations made from the perspective of someone who is atmospherically challenged.

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Life is too short to be small.

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