I have been juggling for about fifteen years, treating it as a physical and mental challenge rather than as a performance activity. While I have entertained on rare occasions, performance is not really my interest. I didn't start juggling until I was over fifty, so learning has clearly come more slowly than for younger jugglers.

Five-Ball Bounce 17K JPG

I have managed to learn five balls and rings and have had some success with six rings when practicing regularly. I can juggle four clubs pretty much at will, staggered and in pairs, and am a competent club passer up to eight. I have passed nine clubs briefly a couple of times at IJA Fests, but it was pretty frantic

juggling clubI enjoy passing clubs but I haven't found any partners in BC yet to play with. In Newfoundland, I helped found the "Upward Mobility Jugglers"

I started club-swinging and use it as a warm-up exercize. This is me inside a ten-second time exposure. To view this image in three dimensions, cross your eyes until the two pictures lock forming one in the center. To learn how to do this, have a look at this viewing help page.


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