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I do apologise for the awful photo by the way, it was at a party in Darien's room about a year ago. There will be a decent one of me juggling on a rooftop in india as soon as we get a scanner over here. If you click on the pic you get an Excellent picture, but it's very long!

Well this page is under construction at the moment, so expect a few more photoes and links when I get organised.

I'm a second year student at Cambridge University (Trinity College) doing Maths. I spend a lot of time juggling, although I'm not really that good, but I can do just about any trick with three balls, and I have just invested in some fire clubs so I'm sure it won't be long until I am mastering a few tricks there, they got tested out for the first time when I was drunk a few nights ago. I am also reasonable with a Diabolo (only the one as yet - I'll keep you posted), and getting to grips with devil stix. I haven't got a unicycle yet but it's on my shopping list for when this poor student can afford it!

My juggling is all self taught although I see tricks by my brother and usually try them out myself. He also juggles but mainly uses diabolo and devil stix.

Other than that I am a canoe instructor (currently looking for a summer job by the way if anyone knows of anything in that area) and do a bit of Rodeo and Surfing with friends at home on the south coast (Emsworth, near Portsmouth)

Now for a serious note: Cambridges most wanted!

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You can see what I have to endure in my lectures - here's the notes for the Optimization IBcourse
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Address & Email
Clive Ponsonby
Cell block H
Burrells Field
Trinity College
Cambridge, CB3 9DH

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