Color Glossy Photos with a Paragaph on Each One Saying What Each One Is

A long time ago, in Chicago, some friends of ours used to have a potluck party the weekend before Thanksgiving. The idea was that you had to spend Thanksgiving eating vast amounts of food with your family [yawn] and it was actually a lot more fun to eat vast amounts of food with all your friends. When Paula moved out to join me in California, we decided that we should carry on the Turkeyfest tradition and have been doing so since 1983. This year we had over a hundred people attending, and I had the ConwayCam putting out a picture on my web page every two minutes. Here are some of the pictures that were broadcast.

Each of this links has six to twelve JPEGS of about 32k each. If you have a slow net connection, you may wish to turn off automatic loading of graphics, and only load those pictures that sound interesting.

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