Praise for Peg Millett

Gentle Warrior

Peg is a powerful and luminous being. She has endured shocking hardships and still maintains idealism and joy of life. Her stories and songs celebrate the wonder and diversity of Earth and challenge us to stop our blind destruction of the wilderness.
Varda Hardy, documentary movie producer.

Earth First! heroine Peg Millett stunned the audience with transfixing a cappella songs and chants.
Telluride Times Journal, July 5, 1990

Millett has a lovely voice, powerful, charismatic and full of emotion.
She instills passion into songs.
Steven A. Ide, Dirty Linen, October/November 1992.

Peg Millett is a pure spirit and that spirit soars to heights we seldom hear in singer.
You'll want to heed the call and help heal the wounds of Mother Earth.
Katie Lee, Cowboy Western outlaw singer and environmentalist.

Not just politically correct, Peg is a fine singer,
Dana Garcia, Canadian River Music, 1993-1994 catalog.

A marvelous singer.
Mike Fain. Special Agent FBI, courtesy of Michael Lacey, New Times, Summer 1991.

What a voice! Her style is crystal clear and ringing a cappella... weaving a powerful yet gentle sound message. This music is compelling. Goose bump music.
Nancy Z. Books of the Big Outside.

Millett is an environmental heroine. Her dramatic stories and songs underscore her unwavering belief that all life is threatened by the plundering of earth's life giving resources.
Diane Rapaport, author, How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording.

An inspiring and impressive singer who speaks with humor, intensity, self-confidence and a modest charm.
Jack & Felice Cohen-Joppa, The Nuclear Resistor, September 1993.

Peg's voice soars on the winds of ultimate sincerity ... this gentle warrior will make you laugh, cry, and very possibly do something beyond your own imagined limitations.
Lone Wolf Circles.

Full of beauty, intelligence and wit, Millett's renditions of these songs speak of a clarity of vision, strength of purpose, and sense of humor that no government intimidation campaign can squelch.
Chris Roth, Talking Leaves, Summer Solstice 1993

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