Why Juggle?

Christy asks for help writing a speech:

1. Why did you start juggling?

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Little did I know then that is was just the start of the road to total moral degradation.

2. Why do you still juggle?

God knows, I've tried to give it up often enough, but it has a grip on me that I just can't break. I know, it's easy for a young and innocent person such as yourself to think - "That could never happen to me," but beware! It's all to easy to fall into the trap, and once you are hooked there is no escape - there are things to juggle everywhere - tennis balls in the park, oranges in the supermarket, and even down here in the gutter I can pick up three pieces of refuse for my fix.

3. What type of benefits does one get from juggling?

I suppose you get to find out who your friends really are. The ones who are still around, the ones who pick up for you when you drop senseless to the floor, the ones who stand bail for you when you hold up a 7-11 to buy props.

4. What improvements can be experienced with juggling? (ie. builds hand-eye coordination)

Juggling focusses you on the essentials, and stops you wasting time on irrelevencies like money, work and family.

Include your name and tell me if you do/don't want credit if I use it for a quote.

By all means credit me. I can't get credit anywhere else.

Thanks for the time,


You're welcome. How much time are you doing?