The Jugglers' ABC

A is for Adanos, a gent who entrances
B is for Brunn, both Lottie and Francis

C is for Cardenas and Cinquevalli
D is for Daymont and Sergei the dolly

E is for Eastwood who juggles so quick
F is for Fields with cigar box and stick

G is for Gatto, a pro at eleven
H is for Horn who force bounces seven

I is Ignatov, master of rings
J is for Jaeger, who balanced odd things

K is for Kara who's one of the greats
L is for Lucas who juggles on skates

M is for Moschen, "Don't copy I beg"
N is for Nicholls with only one leg

O for Olivier who makes us all titter
P is Picaso, the ping pong ball spitter

R for Rastelli, the best all time
S is Salerno, but I'm lost for a rhyme

T is for Truzzi, a style that appeals
V is for Vida who juggles in heels

W is Wallenda who walked on a ball
For X I don't have anybody at all

Y is for Young, both Ollie and brother
Z is Zuniga, Manuel and the others

My poem is over, my rhymes are all done
Now I'm going to juggle, it's so much more fun.

After I posted this poem in rec.juggling, Qarin Van Brink wrote to complain that I had left out the letters Q and U. I responded

Q is for Qarin, whose name I must link
With Ugo Garrida, though why, I can't think.

Andrew Conway