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Response to "Open Letter to the Membership

On about April 20, 2003, the message titled "Open Letter to the Membership" was posted on the IJA web site without board approval. It is a troubling document, filled with information that undermines its own arguments.

The authors of that letter have chosen to position this conflict as one between our elder member Art Jennings, and a young whippersnapper, Dave Davis. Regardless of how unpleasantly they may feel Mr. Davis expressed his opinions, the conflict has nothing to do with him or Mr. Jennings. The conflict has to do with the use of IJA funds and accountability to the membership. To try and turn this into some sort of referendum on whether IJA members prefer Mr. Jennings or Mr. Davis completely trivializes and misses the point. Most members have respect for both gentlemen and are really concerned with the issues at hand: fiscal and responsibility issues.

The letter states that the current webmaster has been "replaced with Marty Larsen, a security specialist" who will "put adequate protections in place to safeguard our members." Nowhere does their letter explain why a free and open web site poses a threat to our members. The letter does state that members expressing opinions have caused contributors and others to question current policy. The term for such a situation is "democracy." The surprise replacement of the webmaster and the deletion of the message board are clear cases of paranoid "leaders" silencing criticism and putting their own well-being before that of the membership at large. Why are they so afraid? What are they so desperate to hide?

They also state that they are unable to afford to pay for the March/April 2003 issue of JUGGLE magazine due to the costs of having a paid Treasurer of the IJA. This is the same Treasurer that did not tell the board of this upcoming financial shortfall. What we pay the Treasurer in salary and benefits is more than the approximately $8.00 per member shortfall that they report. Which is more important to the members of the IJA: a quality magazine or a paid Treasurer who has been neglecting the responsible management of the IJA's funds? They present one choice, we present another.

Now look at the letter that they wrote and posted on the official IJA web site. That letter has been signed by only half the seats of the board but it has been signed by every paid employee of the IJA. That letter is not from the IJA's board. That letter is not about saving the IJA. What that is, is a letter about saving the job of someone who is not doing it well.

A question still remains: Why and how did a letter that has not been sanctioned by the board find its way to be posted on the main page of the IJA's web site? The answer is that the staff is in control, trying to save their jobs at the expense of the members of the IJA.

Here are what the authors of the so-called 'open letter' on the IJA web site are actually expressing: a willingness to engage in cheap personal attacks, a desire to silence free discussion, and their inability to responsibly manage IJA funds.

The financial situation of the IJA and the continued publication of JUGGLE are the issues we MUST deal with now. It is urgent that you renew your membership and vote for Andrew Conway, Greg Phillips, and Todd Strong for the board of directors. Whether you vote by mail or in person at the Reno festival, your vote is critical to saving our organization. Take action today to ensure an IJA tomorrow!

Dave Davis Former IJA Director
Candidate for IJA Director
Andrew Conway Candidate for IJA Director
Life Member
Greg Phillips Candidate for IJA Director
Andy Ford IJA Director
Todd Strong Former IJA Director
Life Member
Martin Frost Former IJA Director
Former IJA Webmaster
Life Member
Laura Green Former IJA Director
Former IJA Festival Coordinator
Former IJA Championship Director
Life Member
Fashion Queen
Katje Sabin Former IJA Director
Former Associate Editor JUGGLE Magazine
Jack Kalvan Life Member
Barry Friedman Contributing Editor to JUGGLE
Life Member

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