aem welcome to andrew's home page...

Andrew, a poor excuse for a beginning juggler, can fortunately fall back on his day job as operations manager for the Symbiosis manufacturing plant of Boston Scientific. Symbiosis was formerly a subsidiary of American Home Products.

The other thing he does with his spare time is kayak, in his Derek Hutchinson-designed Naiad. And chase girls. The other two things he does is kayak, and chase girls. And fly. Yes, among the other things he does, which is to say besides juggle, is kayak, chase girls, and fly.

Yes, of course an airplane.

Oh, and he skydives. And is an artist (printmaking, photography, sculpture, painting). And is a Ham, in both senses (KE4RKZ). And makes beer and wine. And travels. And hikes. Sometimes even hiking while traveling. Did I mention that he writes? Yes, yes, he does. He writes! He is editor of the South Florida Environmental Reader and published stories of the Hiroshima survivors (Voices of Hibakusha). My, what a well rounded guy!

He is also known as the original moderator and proposer of, now in the capable and skilled hands of Stephanie da Silva.

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