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Martin Malör is a german performer living near Frankfurt, Germany. He will give a presentation at your special event:
  • you want to marry, looking for a highlight (apart from your future wife/husband) ?
  • you're having a divorce party ?
  • you're getting older again ?
  • you got fired from work ?
Martin Malör also performs for:
  • variety shows,
  • your sports- hobbies- culture- club.
  • social institutions (kindergardens, disabled homes, old age homes)
Or at any other event. Anyway, the show can mainly be seen in the Rhein/Main area. So, while you inspect the next pages don't wonder if you don't understand a word, its all written in German.

Information about the show

Information about Malör

For more information you can
  • mail to Martin Malör.

  • snail to :
    Martin Simeth
    Wiesbadenerstr. 166
    61462 Koenigstein

  • Or else, have a nice talk to my answering machine:
    Tel: +49-6174-1427

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