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I have been Juggling for last 6 months or so. This is a great skill which helps you improve many aspects of life like strength, concentration , co-ordination and much much more. And above all it's fun and everyone watching you enjoys too.

I remember back in India after seeing a Circus, something inspired me and I started on with 3 balls. Without any help, I struggled a lot initially to juggle 3 balls but within a week or so, I started seeing the results and after 2-3 weeks, I could juggle 3 ball cascade quite comfortably. Also I learned some variations like reverse cascade and 2 in 1 hand.

I came to US around Oct'94 and juggled very rarely. Just 7 months back, I saw a colleague in my company juggling with 4 clubs and that gave rebirth to my sleeping skill. I bought 5 beanbags and started working on 4 for 15 days or so and then moved to 5 balls. Till now, I have devoted more that 6 months, practicing regularly for almost 1 hour a day, raining or sunshine and am getting good at five slowly. It's indeed a very very long road but lots of things have helped me to even dream of such accomplishment. Thanks to the Klutz Juggling shop, Palo Alto, California where many jugglers meet on every Saturday to share and have fun. Thanks to IJA and the wonderful people maintaining it. I downloaded many juggling softwares, went through lots of help which guided me to reach at this level. Without them it would have been next to impossible. I became its member just last month only.

Currently, My personnel best with 5 balls is 96 throws. Also I can do simple cascade with Clubs and Rings too. After getting 100 throws or so with 5 ball cascade, I would move to advance tricks of Clubs and Rings. Lodi festival organized by Andrew Conway was my first in life and I swear I enjoyed it like anything. Just watching so many people juggle was really a terrific experience. I lack words to appreciate how much such events can motivate people like me.I look forward to attending the IJA WinterFest'96 at Las Vegas, even though it would jolt your bank balance. But once in a while , I don't mind.

Apart from Juggling , my other interests/hobies are :

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I would love to hear from you and promise to reply if you send a message. Thanks a lot for being here.

Satwinder Setia ( Satwinder.Setia@adia.com )

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