McMaster Juggling Club

McMaster University's Object Relocation and Manipulation Society

aka: McMaster Juggling Club

McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

When and Where

The McMaster University Juggling club meets every Monday night in Gilmour Hall Rm 111 from 5:30 to 7:30. (Right beside Mill's Memorial Library)

Don't Know How to Juggle?

No problem. There are tons of people that have learned to juggle by coming out to the club. There are people here to help you with any difficulties.


The founder of the club is 'Indiana Bob' Cates, a true master of the diabolo. Bob is the former Western Canadian Juggling Champion and has performed at the 1994 IJA Cascade of Stars show.
Bob drops by to amaze all with his diabolo manipulation.


Juggling equipment vendors such as True Canadian Balls drop buy for a visit with their wares.
The University of Waterloo juggling club attempts to outdo the McMaster club in matches of combat juggling or volley club when they visit.

Past Presidents

Any comments or questions? Mail them to Melinda Paas.