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Jörg Werner

Jörg Werner

Über mich:
I´m (at the moment) 22 years and some days old. What I do for a living, you ask? At the moment I´m not earning any money. I am in my second year studying Physics at the University of Konstanz/Germany, so I will take my first exams in two or three months from now.
So what do I do, except studying physics? Answer: Nothing except studying physics. NO I´m just kidding... There are some things I´m abused of:

Jonglieren: Otherwise I would have no homepage here. You don´t know anything about juggling, you say? Then you should check out, it´s just around the corner... I´m juggling with three or five balls and three clubs. That´s not much, but enough to keep me busy in my spare time.

Und was macht dieser Mann sonst noch so? Ther e are a lot of things I love to do, but as I already said: time is the limiting factor. The day has just 24 hours, and that is a physical fact that cannot be changed. Enough is said; now the rest of my hobbies in descending order of importance: So, that´s it all folks. Have fun!

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Jörg Werner
Zum Riesenberg 2a
78 476 Allensbach

Voice/Fax/Modem ++49 75 33 / 48 95

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