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Favourite Juggles

If you want to Juggle in Christchurch, New Zealand , during the Summer, note that meetings occur 6pm-Dark on Thursdays during daylight saving October - March, at the North or South Quadrangles of the Arts Centre, 1km West of Cathedral Square (alternatively Arts Centre ). The meetings have free entry.

A quote which may help you understand me a little better....

It is perfectly natural and ordinary that men should want to acquire things; and always when men do what they can, they will be praised or not blamed; but when something is beyond them and they try to get it anyhow, then they are in error, and deserve blame.
- from "The Prince", a translation of the Italian-language book by Niccolo Machiavelli. Though the language is dated, and the translation lossy, I find the message highly pertinent.
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