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Most (if not all) of these photographs were taken while I was on my Junior Class trip to Orlando. It was quite possibly the best four days of my life, and these are what I have to show for it. I would mention that not all were taken by me (especially the ones I am in!), and I give credit and thanks to Josh Weaver and Eric Politowski who assisted in the taking of these pictures.

This probably looks familiar if you've seen Back to the Future III.
I decided to bring my juggling equipment along on the trip...
Dave Donato participating in a little archery experiment.
Again, Dave Donato, doing another part of the archery experiment.
This is Dave Politowski. We needed to use up the rest of our film.
Eric Politowski playing a game of pool.
Could it be, fireworks that look like Saturn?
Yep, you guessed it. This picture is of more fireworks!
World Showcase is complete with every detail, including flamingos.
I still had my equipment with me while I was in Epcot!
Okay, maybe it's about time to stop with the juggling...

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