No More U.M.!, but four more years of college. doh!

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Dana is starting at delaware, she is going to be a fighting blue hen...hahahah. She does not have an e-mail adress yet, but when she does, it will be posted.


Bob is going to Penn State this fall Bob can be e-mailed at his houe on either one of these adresses:




Renee is starting at Bucknell, blah blah blah, she just got her e-mail address. e-mail renee at:

Erin Reilly

Penn is lucky enough to have erin going to college there. Have Any New News? or a Question for Erinholio:? . . . E-mail any comments or suggestions to her at

erinat her house


I just got done "Plebe Summer" it was cake...yeah right. Now the academic year has started. I love school. Please E-mail me here at the academy except around holidays when i am on my leave if you have anything to be posted here, e-mail it to me: at USNA


Kyvo already started Johns Hopkins, he said hed e-mail me as soon as he got there (2 months ago) and im still waiting, im sure we'll hear from him soon though. You know Kyvo. Fashionably late...or something. Kyvos address will be posted here once he e-mails me, if he ever does. In other words, well probably never see him again, hell forget about us like he forgot about every study group, and ever practice AP Exam, and he'll be "fashionably late" to all of our high school reunions, and miss the whole thing. I wouldnt get my hopes up if your ever planning on seeing this guy again. Damn Kyvo.

Melissa Vanasek

Melissa is going to James Madison University yeaaaaaaaaaah congratulations melissa e-mail melissa at:"


Rich is going to UPenn this fall, he is going ot be playing on the soccer team their. Go Rich!
E- Mail Rich at his house:
or at his college:


Powers is at the good old Naval Academy, and like me just got done the summer. He has already established himself as a movie buff at the academy, and is known as Austin (from Austin Powers).
e-mail powers here at the academy at:


Chimene is going Villanova, where she wil run track, and never get a "B."

Other interesting E-Mail adresses

Rachel Peterson
Mrs. Kellet

Mr. Montalvo

Mr. Cox
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of Netaholics Anonymous

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