Rec.Juggling Archive, July 31, 2001

31-014439 greg jordan          Backcrosses with torches..
31-033719 Sean Haddow          Re: Madison Diary, day 5-6
31-062053 pat cochran          Re: Number of jugglers (not to be confused wit
31-073955 stinkbutt            Re: Womad festival
31-074625 pat cochran          siteswap question
31-074955 pat cochran          seven drills?
31-085857 Chunky Kibbles       Re: siteswap question
31-094258 Chris Emerson        Re: siteswap question
31-094527 Colin E.             IJDb Monthly Announcement
31-112846 Frank Mcgarr         Re: Juggilng Club
31-114421 Jay Linn             Re: Juggilng Club
31-120452 Gunnar Andersson     Re: siteswap question
31-125722 Cheesy Juggler       ATTENTION ALL FIRE ENTHUSIASTS!!!
31-132914 Sarah Miller         Re: 55th ija festival
31-132954 Radieschen           Re: siteswap question
31-134044 Chris Emerson        Re: siteswap question
31-134953 Klas                 Re: Juggilng Club
31-155407 Loh Koah Fong        Re: Womad festival
31-171726 BrevCamp1            Re: Womad festival
31-175501 Steven A. Ragatz     Dralion's Viktor Kee
31-215931 Frankhaviland1       Re: seven drills?
31-231308 luke burrage         Re: Dralion's Viktor Kee
31-234300 Scott Dossey         JuggleWiki

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