Rec.Juggling Archive, April 16, 2001

16-032622 Ro Nagey             Jugglers on the Big Island, Hawaii?
16-045617 krusty               15th European Juggling Convention 1992 Banyole
16-072042 is in dire need of a development tea
16-105822 graham benson        Re: Wanna draw pictures of jugglers?....illust
16-111514 graham benson        Re: Suggestions for the "i" JA
16-130355 Gerald R. Martin     Balance [was: Peripheral Vision]
16-141032 Jani Kyllonen        Some days are better than others
16-142407 Scott K.             Re: Balance [was: Peripheral Vision]
16-143728 Charles O Donoghue   Re: Rings, balls and numbers
16-155854 Steven A. Ragatz     Re: Balance [was: Peripheral Vision]
16-173226 Andrew Conway        Re: Suggestions for the "i" JA
16-173616 Raphael Lasar        New Juggler
16-190112 David                Lift wanted to BJC
16-194630 Eric Bagai           Re: Balance [was: Peripheral Vision]
16-210101 Hal                  Re: New Juggler
16-231851 TheJuggler           routines
16-232522 LP                   Re: How many jugglers also spin diabolos?
16-232523 LP                   Re: AVI
16-232524 LP                   Re: Lift wanted to BJC

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